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  • New teachers
    Posted on 08-15-2018

    New teachers

    Brock and Stacey Dufek and Jenna Odegaard are new teachers at Lake Preston....

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  • Fire
    Posted on 08-08-2018


    Lake Preston firemen respond Aug. 5 to a blaze that destroyed one garage and damaged the next-door neighbor's garage and house....

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  • Molly Leger
    Posted on 08-01-2018

    Molly Leger

    The Lake Preston UCC-UMC has a new pastor....

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  • Community survey results
    Posted on 07-25-2018

    Community survey results

    Community members break into groups June 25 to discuss possible uses for the former Kingsbury Memorial Manor building. ...

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  • July 19
    Posted on 07-18-2018

    July 19

    If an event can be described as both festive and somber, it would be the Kingsbury County Cancer Walk. ...

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  • Marlene Anderson
    Posted on 07-11-2018

    Marlene Anderson

    The Kingsbury County Cancer Walk begins at 4 p.m. Friday...

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  • Casper's tractors
    Posted on 07-05-2018

    Casper's tractors

    David Casper plans to display his 1956 Allis Chalmers tractor July 15 during Town & Country Days in Lake Preston....

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  • H&I grain owners indicted
    Posted on 06-27-2018

    H&I grain owners indicted

    Grand Jury indicts 4 ...

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  • community
    Posted on 06-27-2018

    No Picture Available

    Community shares ideas...

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  • City council
    Posted on 06-13-2018

    City council

    Plans may be in the works to renovate the former Kingsbury Memorial Manor into a multi-use facility. ...

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  • Porter L. Rich
    Posted on 04-04-2018

    Porter L. Rich

    Porter L. Rich is finally home. ...

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