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  • Gentle Spirit Horses
    Posted on 02-19-2020

    Gentle Spirit Horses

    A year ago, 33 neglected and malnourished quarter horses were removed from a ranch in Kingsbury County. ...

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  • Town and Country Snowdrifters
    Posted on 02-12-2020

    Town and Country Snowdrifters

    Helping Kingsbury County snowmobilers find a place to ride is something Greg and Diane Hiles are passionate about. ...

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  • Helen and Wendell Nelson
    Posted on 02-05-2020

    Helen and Wendell Nelson

    Helen and Wendell Nelson are Lake Preston graduates that experienced life as high school students through the height of World War II. ...

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  • Drew Casper hog barn
    Posted on 01-29-2020

    Drew Casper hog barn

    Drew Casper of Lake Preston has a new hog barn, bringing ag diversity into the area while allowing him to continue his prior ag businesses. ...

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  • Quarter Horse Legacy Award
    Posted on 01-22-2020

    Quarter Horse Legacy Award

    Alan Odden was chosen as the winner of the 2019 South Dakota Quarter Horse Association Legacy Promotor Award. ...

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  • Emerald ash borer beetle headed for Kingsbury County
    Posted on 01-15-2020

    Emerald ash borer beetle headed for Kingsbury County

    The 4 Lakes Association held its youth fishing event Jan. 11. And the emerald ash borer beetle is headed for Kingsbury County. ...

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  • Coach Ryan McCutcheon
    Posted on 01-08-2020

    Coach Ryan McCutcheon

    The Lady Divers basketball team was in need of a new coach when Ryan McCutcheon stepped up to bring the team together....

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  • Staying safe on thin ice
    Posted on 01-02-2020

    Staying safe on thin ice

    Keeping yourself and your personal property safe when venturing onto the ice. ...

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  • The Bait Box New Owner
    Posted on 12-26-2019

    The Bait Box New Owner

    David Kimball has always been an outdoorsman. He is bringing his love for the outdoors into Lake Preston as the new owner of The Bait Box....

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  • Spectrum Photography
    Posted on 12-18-2019

    Spectrum Photography

    For 40 years, Lake Preston has been the home of Spectrum Photography. The building has retired, but the business lives on. ...

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  • Shear Perfection opens in a new location
    Posted on 12-11-2019

    Shear Perfection opens in a new location

    Shear Perfection opens in a new, larger location! School board expresses concerns over state funding and renewing opt-out tax levy. ...

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  • Tree-Lighting ceremony is reborn
    Posted on 12-04-2019

    Tree-Lighting ceremony is reborn

    A Lake Preston historic Christmas celebration ended with the death of the 70-foot evergreen. Now, the tree-lighting tradition is reborn. ...

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