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  • Homecoming LP
    Posted on 08-28-2019

    Homecoming LP

    Homecoming candidates were chosen at LPHS...

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  • School year
    Posted on 08-21-2019

    No Picture Available

    The Arlington-Lake Preston Badgers open the 2019 football season Friday when they meet the Parker Pheasants at Lake Preston....

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  • Park damage
    Posted on 08-14-2019

    Park damage

    Several eyewitnesses reported the incident to authorities. The youth were taken to the sheriff’s office in De Smet and picked up by their pa...

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  • Alex
    Posted on 08-07-2019


    Alex Post, owner of Small Town Lawn Mowing Services, is back in business with a brand-new riding lawnmower....

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  • page one
    Posted on 07-31-2019

    page one

    Byron Bumann,left, and Brian Zeeck...

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  • Governor visits
    Posted on 07-24-2019

    Governor visits

    Lake Thompson property owners Tom Cummins, left, Jim Knight and Tim Goodwin speak July 20 with Gov. Kristi Noem near the outlet .....

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  • City council cries 'fowl'
    Posted on 07-17-2019

    No Picture Available

    City council cries 'fowl,' beer sales nixed...

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  • Lake Thompson flooding
    Posted on 07-10-2019

    Lake Thompson flooding

    Traffic cones and an address sign at 1530 Twin Lakes Road show where the road is supposed to be....

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  • City Council
    Posted on 07-03-2019

    City Council

    City employee Shell Simms puts up new American flags Tuesday on Main Avenue in Lake Preston. (Times photo by Donna Palmlund) ...

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  • new administrator
    Posted on 06-26-2019

    new administrator

    There will be some reorganization of administrative duties this year at Lake Preston schools....

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  • Pheasant release
    Posted on 06-19-2019

    Pheasant release

    Two children help round up an escaped pheasant chick June 15 in the Oxbow Restaurant parking lot. ...

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  • T-ball
    Posted on 06-12-2019


    Lake Preston T-ball players practice their throwing at a recent practice. ...

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