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  • Digging out
    Posted on 04-18-2018

    Digging out

    The weekend's snowstorm dumped more than a foot of snow. ...

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  • First-responders participate
    Posted on 04-11-2018

    First-responders participate

    County first-responders gain valuable training...

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  • Porter L. Rich
    Posted on 04-04-2018

    Porter L. Rich

    Porter L. Rich is finally home. ...

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  • Porter Rich
    Posted on 03-28-2018

    Porter Rich

    Family members have gotten to know Rich a little bit by reading letters, such as this one sent to his brother, Ted....

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  • City council
    Posted on 03-21-2018

    City council

    There will be a city election on April 11....

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  • Marlys Blinsmon
    Posted on 03-14-2018

    Marlys Blinsmon

    Marlys Blinsmon has a twinkle in her eyes as she recalls seven decades of working in downtown Lake Preston....

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  • Winter blast
    Posted on 03-07-2018

    Winter blast

    John Vincent and Shell Sims take a break Tuesday morning from clearing snow from the sidewalk and city streets....

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  • Porter Rich
    Posted on 02-28-2018

    Porter Rich

    The Legion Hall in Lake Preston is named after Lake Preston native Porter L. Rich. ...

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  • sheriff election
    Posted on 02-21-2018

    sheriff election

    2 KC Deputies run for sheriff...

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  • Harry Ward
    Posted on 02-14-2018

    Harry Ward

    Ocean, prairie inspires artist...

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  • kids
    Posted on 02-07-2018


    Music appreciation Emma, a Lake Preston Kindergarten student may have been too close to the music Feb. 1 ...

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  • Museum
    Posted on 01-31-2018


    Several local residents and Lake Preston Museum volunteers share information and ideas Tuesday at the Dorothee Pike Memorial Library....

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