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Ice fishing

Ice fishing

Ice fishing ion the area

has been amazing, according to Donna Bumann, owner of The Bait Box in Lake Preston.

Although the extreme cold weather the past few days may have slowed down the bite temporarily, anglers were getting their limits of crappie last week on Schaeffer’s Slough. Several people were catching their limits of perch on Lake Whitewood with many bringing in walleye weighing more than 20 pounds. ... 

Although open areas of water could still be seen on Lake Whitewood late last week, temperatures dropped to below zero on Christmas Day and on Tuesday, Joe Miklos, an employee at The Bait Box, said the ice is 7 to 8 inches thick in some areas.

“But it’s spotty, “ he warned. “It’s not that thick everywhere.”

According to a post and photo on the Dakota Angler Facebook page, one person drove his full-size pickup onto Lake Whitewood last weekend where the ice was 7 inches thick. It was reported that he had gone into his ice shack and had to be notified by other anglers that he had water pooling around his pickup.

Miklos said that it is not safe to drive on area lakes with any type of vehicle until the ice is more stable.


Posted on 12-27-2017

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