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Porter L. Rich

Porter L. Rich

Rich was serving aboard the battleship USS Oklahoma on Dec. 7, 1941, and was killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Until recently, he was buried in Hawaii, along with hundreds of other unidentifiable sailors and Marines who were killed in the attack.

His remains were positively identified last August through DNA testing, and, on March 31, a memorial service was held for Rich at the Lake Preston school auditorium with interment and a ceremony with full military honors at the Lake Preston City Cemetery.

Porter’s son, Ronald, never met his father. His mother, Margaret was pregnant with him when Porter was killed. Margaret died in 2008. Ronald, who lives in Mesa, Ariz., and two of his sons, Kevin of Stanford, Va., and Michael of Aurora, Colo., made their first trip to Lake Preston last week for their father and grandfather’s memorial service and interment.

Posted on 04-04-2018

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