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Lake Thompson flooding

Lake Thompson flooding


Some years, such as this one, coming off a winter with record snowfall amounts, are worse than others.

Lake Thompson takes on water from other sources north of it, but for more than two decades, area residents have been trying to come up with a practical solution to get the extra water to flow south out of what should be the natural outlet. There is a blockage in Miner and Lake counties, and those counties don’t want any extra water.

Brian Lowe, president of the Four Lakes Association, said there is a level of nervousness about this spring’s flooding. “Back when we flooded in 2011, we dropped the ball,” he said. Lowe added that once the water went down everybody was happy. He pointed out that the time to figure out a solution is when the water is down.

Lowe said De Smet Township brought in new gravel last week to help build up Twin Lakes Road. He said his main job right now is making sure residents are able to get to and from their homes.

“This is a priority now. We have to have access to our properties,” he said, adding that there are more permanent residents at the lake than there were the last time it flooded, including families with children.

“Kids are going to need the school bus to get in there,” he said, adding that emergency fire and rescue vehicles also need a way to get to residences.

Arthur Maurella, a resident on Gooseneck Road, told the Times this week that the road to his property is closed because of flooding and he can’t get to town for his prescription medication.

Posted on 05-01-2019

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