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Wet conditions

Wet conditions

Wayne Soren, who typically plants corn, soybeans and wheat on his property in the Lake Whitewood area, said he spent four and a half hours one day trying to plant one-third of an acre of corn.

“In my driest field, the only dry part was the top inch of soil. I filled my planter with mud,” he chuckled.

Soren said he has to keep a sense of humor and laugh about the situation so he doesn’t cry.

He said his biggest concern now is not knowing when the first frost is going to come.

He said it might be feasible for some farmers to plant 90-day corn if we don’t get a freeze before Sept. 1.

Soren has decided not to plant corn this year, but he hopes to put in soybeans.

“We can plant beans at the end of June,” he said, but he added that he wouldn’t get big yields.

“It’s got to stop raining,” he said, “If it would stop raining now and we get sun and heat, we’d still be four or five days out.”

Posted on 05-29-2019

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