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Valedictorian Lexie Larsen and salutatorian Connor Hoffman teamed up to give the commencement speech.

They based their speech on the lyrics of a song titled “To the Ones Who Got Us Here.”

Hoffman said that as a class they would like to thank everyone who spent time helping and encouraging them — parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, pastors, cooks, bus drivers and other school staff.

“Because we are such a small class and have known each other since elementary, we have found our little quirks that each one of us has,” Larsen stated.

“Whether we like it or not, our class has become close,” Hoffman added. “In a way we are kind of like siblings. We know each other so well, and we know exactly how to irritate each other, but we also know how to lift each other up when we need it.”

Posted on 05-15-2019

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